Vignette Crit'Air

Crit’Air Sticker France

Crit’Air Sticker France

France has followed other European countries and has issued environmental badges for road vehicles. An environmental badge or an environmental sticker, « Crit’Air » is a sticker which you stick on the windscreen of your car, just as you would a vignette. You can order the environmental sticker online, and when you receive it and stick it on your car, it will be clear what category your car belongs to.

What Is the Environmental Badge for?

The environmental badges are designed to distinguish environmentally friendly vehicles from those that pollute the air in cities and contribute to the poor living conditions there. The environmental badge therefore determines the level of air pollution caused by your vehicle, a categorisation which is indicated by the emission levels, based on a registration certificate of your vehicle (part I or part II) scanned from both sides. These documents are therefore required when ordering the environmental sticker « Crit’Air » online.

Each environmental sticker is issued for a specific vehicle and it is attached to its license plate. 

The obligation to have an environmental sticker applies to everyone

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